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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Are you one of those people?

Do you develop rapid heart beats, dry mouth, and anxiety as the sun sets on Sundays?  If so, you must be suffering from a 20th Century medical condition doctors call Chronic Allergic Monday Phobia (CAMP).

CAMPers have a great deal of difficulty transitioning from the idea of having their own time to having their time structured by busy-ness.

HAPPY CAMPers are those who have recognized that life needs to be balanced; they look to work hard and play hard-- and look to spread some joy throughout each day of the week.  Hogging joy for the weekend makes for unHAPPY CAMPers.

So... let's all work to remember this, CAMPers: Sunday night is one seventh of your evenings in life!  Don't take them for granted.  Enjoy each and every one!

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