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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Youth is wasted on the young?

George Bernard Shaw said those immortal words: youth is wasted on the young.  To my way of thinking, however, we rarely (if ever) have things in life exactly as we would have them.

And the truth is a good number of us typically defer our own happiness by statements like: "When I finish school, then I'll be happy."  "When I get a new car..."  "When my mortgage is paid off..."   or "When I retire, then I'll be happy."

But it seems to me there is no better time to be happy than right now.

Oh, and now...

And now too!

So dare yourself to be different!  Tell yourself that nothing is ever really perfect, and that that's okay.  There is always a way to look at life in such a way as to leave yourself with a smile.  Some call that a type of mental illusion or delusion.  Personally, since my perception of reality is the perception of reality that I experience, I am going to choose to favor that aspect of reality that leaves some laughter on my uvula and a smile on my lips.

I choose to be happy by always focusing on the positives I have in my life, not on what I don't have... and certainly not on what others have (or appear to have) in their lives. 

Know someone who might want to be happier?  Ask them to consider all the good things in their life right now.  And then invite them to consider making these things the focus of their life for just the next week.

The results, I'm happy to say,  are predictable and reproducible!

Have a happy Thursday!

1 comment:

Tony R said...

Rudy you nailed it. Expectation to say the least is a changing landscape and hindsight often an extreme judge.
Look forward to more.