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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Thursday

If the week had the equivalent of the well-described "middle child syndrome", Thursday would undoubtedly get the title.

How sad, really.  Because if you think about it, Thursdays represent one seventh (or virtually 15%) of our lives!  Thursdays are not a day "just to survive."  Thursdays are like any other day when we have learned to live in the moment: Thursday is the PRESENT, the gift, that cherished piece of time never to be had again.

So always practice living in the moment, whether it it's Thursday morning or Sunday evening. Enjoy the moment for whatever positive thing it brings. Not possible? Sure it is! You just have to remember that you have this choice: I can focus on the blatant negatives in my world or I can find the positive aspects in my world. This is a choice we all have at all times. And clearly sometimes the choice is easier-- when we are enjoying the game, the party, or the praise of a situation.  It's much more of a challenge when it comes to the everyday ho-hum of traffic jams, incessant phone calls, irritating demands, and so on.  But, for the sake of your happiness, take responsibility for your choice in the knowledge that focusing on negativity will unquestionably lead to negative feelings. 

And take it from Happy, The Blogger: once you choose to find and focus on the good things about cloudy days, good things about rain, etc., etc., you will be able to choose to find happiness in every moment and literally feel the glow of the sunshine within.

Does this sound too good to be true? Does this sound like the effects of some illicit substance?  Hardly! I invite you to stay tuned and to keep reading...

Oh, and Happy Thursday, everyone!

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