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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What is happiness?

Everyone in the world wants to be happy.

Well, do you know anyone who does NOT want to be happy?

As I understand it, the problem is that many of us end up creating scenarios in our minds about what it means to be happy. One of the most common is: "Just let me make a lot of money, then I'll be happy." Or maybe, "Let me pay down my mortgage," or again, "Once I get a new car..." THEN I WILL BE HAPPY.

Have you noticed we have a tendency to defer happiness until some point in the future? Seems like we are, or most of us are, really good at making excuses about why we are NOT happy. As if happiness depends on something that the future promises.

And herein lies the problem and the solution!

The problem is self-evident. The solution is that we need to remember that most of happiness comes from carrying and cultivating a healthy attitude, no matter the circumstances, no matter what seems to be missing.

The idea, then, is to appreciate -truly appreciate- what you have, NOT worry or obsess about what you don't have.

Practiced wisely, this point alone will help you experience happiness more deeply and more often!

Therefore, be careful about what you allow your mind to think about -- because the truth is, we feel what you think!

Happy trails!

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