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Sunday, September 27, 2009

YOU ARE KIDDING, RIGHT? Money? And Happiness?

Some things just don't make a heck of a lot of sense. This photo, for instance, which hails from the southern U.S. of A. is a picture of irony.

So is Money and Happiness, though you might not have guessed that.

Suprising as it may seem, study after study has shown that once an individual's or family's income is high enough to meet the basic needs of food, clothes, shelter and the like, then income and happiness are NOT directly related at all!

The point here is clear: it is tough to be happy if you're living under a bridge and have no access to your next meal.

Having said that, the other side of the happiness coin is this: it is also true that it matters not if you drive a 1972 Pinto or a 2010 Cadillac. Okay, maybe the Pinto is a bad example, what with its habit of exploding on rear impact... but you get the gist of my point.

Indeed, someone very wisely once said: "Anyone who thinks that having a lot of money can buy you happiness OBVIOUSLY has never had a lot of money!"

Those are words to bank on!

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