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Sunday, October 25, 2009


HKIS? What the heck is that about?

Every Friday and Sunday I'm reminded of how the vast majority of us in North America go through "the change."

On Friday it is not uncommon to hear variations of the chant "TGIF" aka "Thank God It's Friday." The symbolism runs deep: it means the work week is over -- and now it is time to cut loose and live your life... in a word, it's time to have fun!

The "other side" of Friday, of course, is Sunday. And Sunday represents the beginning of the end of the weekend. Sunday afternoon and especially Sunday evening represent the cusp of a new work week -- they represent the beginning of the imbalance that rules the better part of North American living. Anxiety flares

Sunday is the day when the anticipatory joy of "TGIF" is replaced with the anticipatory angst of "HKIS --Holy Krap It's Sunday."

As I've said before, Sundays represent one seventh of our life...and that's a lot of life to lose if we don't learn to enjoy every bit of it. And what's even worse is the thought that the work week is so unbalanced that all that time is unappreciated or wasted as well. If we only live for Friday evenings, Saturdays, and maybe to sleep in Sunday mornings...we're missing out on life.

Life is a package deal and the only way to make the best of it is to take a step back from the stress and make some decisions and changes such that your values and goals and needs are adequately balanced. You'll find more on this by visiting www.thecoreofhappiness.info.

When life is truly balanced and happy, you'll get to lean back, smile, and genuinely say: How Kool, It's Sunday!

Have a great rest of Sunday, everyone!

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