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Monday, October 19, 2009

Just another Manic Monday!

You don't have to have the sensitivity of a Weight Watcher's lunch scale to sense how crazily busy the world is these days.

Funny in a way, isn't it?

I remember an undergrad course in Anthropology, Physical Anthropology to be precise, and how it talked about Neanderthals working about 20 hours a week to do their work.

Well, since the invention of the WHEEL (!) we've moved passed the stone age, the iron age, and now are engulfed in the digital age.

Neanderthals didn't have planes, trains or automobiles... They didn't have iPhones or any phones. Nor did they have anything else of what we have today. Ahhh! But they did have one thing on their knuckle-walking side: TIME.

Let's remember something: Time is just what we can measure between the breakfast and lunch we eat... yet it is SUCH a precious resource.

People waste so much time just trying to be efficient with this or that aspect of technology. And don't get me wrong, I have nothing against technology. My concern is that we are now working DOUBLE or TRIPLE what Neanderthals worked... and as a result we have created stresses beyond recognition!!

Not everyone can sell their home and moves to the hills of Montana. What we can do is look at our lives and give some consideration to re-ordering the priorities.

Smarter than a fifth grader? I think it is time we lived smarter than a Neanderthal!

Take your time. Enjoy your day. One moment at a time.

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