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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sundays and Sunday Evenings

In my experience many, many people despise Sunday evenings. They find themselves growing to anxious, moody, even withdrawn.

Sunday evening is also a crisis point for those who battle suicidal thoughts....

The difficulty, of course, is that Sunday evening represents the cusp of a new week of work. All of a sudden "tomorrow" is a gloomy thing, immediately on the horizon.

It is as if the gastroenterologist was just getting ready to insert the sigmoidoscope....

The negative anticipation that so many of us feel on Sunday evenings is a testament to the fact that there is typically a huge contrast between our weekends and our weekdays. It is also, of course, a testament to the fact that the majority of us don't like/aren't stimulated by the work we do to pay our expenses.

The reality of living expenses means that, for most of us, we can't simply quit our jobs and find that "dream job" we have been waiting for our whole lives. So what can we do?

The first step - something we can all do - is to get a pen and some paper and write down some goals: short term, mid term and long term goals. Then, starting with the goals with the highest priority, we need to plan out exactly how we are going to achieve these goals. Step by step we take note of the plan and write it out.

Many people think it out, but, left to its own devices, this can be a fatal mistake! The plans must be written out. This way we can look back and clearly modify the steps necessary to achieving what we want to achieve based on our experiences thus far in implementing the plan....

Once we've written out our plans, we then need to assign a timeline to each of the steps. This puts a deadline on each step -- for if we didn't have deadlines very little in life would be accomplished!

Once that is done, we next need to do something extremely valuable: we need to look for balance. In the long run, all work and no play does not get the job done. (Remember back to the story of the hare and the turtle! Who won the race? The turtle did!)

In a word, we need to be flexible enough to look at the bigger picture and decide about "how much work is too much" and the like.

Don't fear making mistakes in this! Getting it right often involves going too far back and forth, like a pendulum.

The bottom line is: the process is worth the trouble!

Here's to recovering balance in your world! Here's to enjoying Sunday evenings (which, when all is said and done, represent 1/7th of all the evenings of your life!

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