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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When things go bad...

Perspective is everything.

Things look very different depending on where we are standing, literally and figuratively. But one thing is constant and that is that no one can be truly happy all of the time. That's right, no one can be happy all of the time. Just as no one can be full all of the time.

Carrying along that gustatory example, truthfully we have to acknowledge that, theoretically, if we could be full all of the time that we would likely take it for granted completely!

Taking the good things in our life for granted is a major, major boo boo!

Sometimes we need to be reminded of our hunger. And while no one likes to be in a state of deprivation or starvation, a bit of hunger now and again does help us remain humble in acknowledging how thankful we are about the food we have to eat... especially given how all the world does not share in our riches here in the Western world.

Let's not go into despair on feeling the pangs of hunger... for, truthfully, the anticipation of the next warm meal goes a long way to helping us react positively as we move thru the day.

Let's appreciate all we have, including our heartaches, as a way of truly, authentically living life! Let's remain positive around the clock and focus our selves to do and be the best we can!

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