Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The three realms of life

People writing about health and happiness often speak of "balance." But what exactly is it that we are trying to balance?

Typically, we readers typically are told about balancing our diet or balancing our budget. Let's take a step back from these specifics for a moment and look at the bigger picture.

A life lived well occurs when there is balance in and between each of these three realms: the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.

Over the next few days we are going to discuss each of these (as well as the interrelationship of these) realms of life. We'll start with the PHYSICAL realm -- in part because this is the area in which we can most easily relate. This is the tangible realm.

As an aside, I think part of our problem these days is that life is SO busy that most people have a hard enough time trying to balance just the day-to-day things in the physical world. Then, when and if there is energy, time, or conscious thinking of it, we may delve into one of the other realms.

Is that not accurate? When's the last time you asked someone about the topic and they said, "Oh, no! I'm not busy at all!" It just doesn't happen!

So another thing we'll need to talk about soon is PRIORITY SETTING and more about TIME MANAGEMENT.

In the meantime, have a happy moment right now...

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