Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The PHYSICAL realm

Roughly one third of the world or more is dying WITHOUT clean water....

Roughly one third of the world or more is dying WITHOUT any bread....

And roughly one third of the world is dying FROM EATING TOO MUCH!

My guess is, since you have the technology to read this, you are probably living somewhere where overindulgence is the rule.

Our bodies are our corporal vessels which house the mind and soul. To look after our vessel is to look after the physical realm of life.

The key features of good maintenance: Rest, Diet, and Exercise.

Rest: Everyone has different needs but typically eight hours or so of continuous sleep per 24 hour day is a good place to start. Some need more. Others need less. Start with eight and go from there. Try keeping a diary of your sleep, energy, and mood levels. Doing this will help you find the proper amount of rest that you need in order to feel your best and function your best. And be aware that added stress can change your body's rest requirements...so check in with yourself to see how you're doing, particularly during a crisis.

Diet: The food we eat is the fuel for the body's engine. Just like your car, you need to add unleaded fuel. Put in crap and your engine will seize.

Crap in, crap out. It's that simple.

Spend what you can to buy the best food you can -- there are few things more important in life!

Exercise: We live in a very overweight continent. We don't typically move enough. Why? Because we are too tired. Our energy management is off.

So what do we tend to do instead? Well since there is that 159 inch idiot thin screen box in front of our lazyboy...I guess we should turn it on. After all we have to have something to look at while we drink beer and eat that 26 pound bag of polysaturated butter grease.

Reality shoes are so intense! Time for another beer.


So you weigh too much. Remember. Your stomach is a sac. If it is used to being filled beyond normal capacity, it has stretched. And the more the stomach stretches, the more food has to be devoured in order to feel satisfied. The more calories consumed, the more weight we put on, typically.

The key is to gradually make changes. Slowly, meal by meal, eat less. Purposefully take conscious control of your eating. Do NOT eat in front of the idiot box. Similarly, do not get sucked in by the idiot box. Slowly make plans to exercise. Plan to walk around the block with a friend. Then follow through with your plan! Execute it! Be persistent...and it WILL pay off. Guaranteed!

For weight is a rather simple thing: some combination of eating fewer calories and exercising more will undoubtedly lead to a more healthy weight and more toned body.

The time is NOW.

The time is NOW.





(Which letter didn't you get?)