Sunday, June 5, 2011

Creating Happiness!

Happiness is not just a destination, it's also the path we take to get there.

Many people mistakenly look at the "pursuit of happiness" as the chase for faster computers, faster cars, bigger homes, more vacations, and so on.

And, as you've heard me say before, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with a fast computer or a fast car or, for that matter, a laser-driven barbeque that grills chicken in six seconds flat.

But there is something wrong when our desires for those "things" of happiness interfere with or supercede the TRULY important things in life.

What are the TRULY important things in life? I suppose we could debate that for quite a while...but let me suggest - instead of getting to specifics - that the truly important things of life are those things that don't require lots of money, a prestigious job, or even good health, for that matter. (Though that last one may surprise you!)

Do you know what I'm getting at here?

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