Saturday, July 2, 2011

What is this? A pipe or a canon?

I've always been attracted to the second hand (second lung?) smell of a pipe.

Ever since I was shorter than I am now, I have loved the scent of someone smoking a pipe. Now, I have never actually smoked, let alone smoked a pipe.

Sigmund Freud spoke about the "oral phase" of development. Clearly he enjoyed his oral phase -- even though he had had more than 30 surgeries for mouth/throat cancer, Freud was a long-time lover of cigars. Whatever you think about Freud -- and to be straightforward, he's had his share of bombs -- the whole infant sexuality thing, the phase of using Cocaine -- but he is widely regarded as a highly influential voice of the 20th century for his work on understanding the human unconscious and for highlighting the benefits of talk therapy.

But when I came across this photo I was reminded of this simple truth: A pipe gives a wise man time to think ... and a fool something to suck on.

That said and with Freud (consciously) in mind, here's to being able to think and reflect without having to bite on a cancer cannon.