Monday, December 5, 2011

The stress can get to all of us!

The holiday season is upon us. And apparently even Santa can indulge a bit much!

Literally, "holiday" comes to us from old English meaning "holy" day. But, for many, there is little holiness associated with the hectic process of getting ready for Christmas.

After all, Christmas necessarily involves a number of stressors.

For instance, it means we have to shop. And what's worse, it means shopping pretty much at exactly the same time as everyone else.

Hands up, who loves crowds?

Even Mother Teresa would get frustrated at the situation in all the parking lots near you. Even Mother Teresa would jump on the last "Tickle me Elmo" doll to provide the child on her list with that pleasure.... Or would she?

What does Christmas mean for you?

Setting up a tree in your living room? Attempting to unilaterally support the economy by buying things beyond your budget? Spending time with relatives you don't really enjoy but do it anyways at least three times a year....

Or do you have a Christ figure in your Christmas?

Do you have a sense of all that Jesus did when He died on the cross for us? Or is Christmas just another opportunity to simply look at it as a civic day off work?

Many drink or use drugs in life because they cannot control the addictions that have resulted from the stress of it all.

Is this you or someone you know? Get help. Go to Thousands have. And anyone open has been helped!!

Good luck...Happy Holy days, and Happy Christmas to you all!

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Ashley Nichole said...

You use a lot of assumptions in this post.

When assuming something maybe you should use a citation to show how many people are drinking and drugging during the holiday compared to regular days of the year. Further, correlation does not cause causation. Stress may not be the underlying cause of people's actions and should not be assumed.