Saturday, December 17, 2011


Weeks ago in the US and a couple months ago in Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving.

Imagine being an extraterrestrial(ET)...and looking at typical North American behavior at Thanksgiving. Most stores and workplaces are closed; the roads are typically quite empty. Every has typically gotten where they need to be a day or two prior to the holiday.

And within the homes, typically the women work their fingers to the bone, stuffing an enormous amount of food into the oven in hopes that everyone will overeat and feel stuffed themselves. The observant ET has to ask itself, "Why do these humans first stuff the birds and then stuff themselves?"

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, to show appreciation...for the fall harvest...for the plenty in our lives. But to whom are we thankful? And, truly, for what are we thankful?

Thanksgiving, to me, is more than a day on the is a way of living, a way of life.

That's why this post is relevant today, no matter what month or day your eyes spy these words.

Living with true thanks and gratitude in your heart will enrich your spiritual life, your relationships, and will strengthen your love of life, all thereby increasing your happiness.

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